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 Free Will Baptist Hymn Book Selected Scripture Readings from the King James version of the Holy Bible                                                                                     

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Record your own voice reading on our voice mail to be posted here. 

See this page for details. 


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Your voice can be an audio link

1) Open another window with the scripture you want to read so the call me dialog below stays active. 

2) Click "Call Me" below and enter a phone number where you want to be called.

Our Google Voice mail will call you and connect your call. The voice will say we are not availalbe.  

3) Leave your voicemail / reading there.  

We will never ever call you or keep your number in any way.



Make your own recording and send it as an attachment to

 Audio Bible-New Testament  

Please practice first, call us and read as you see it and if you make a mistake say "cut" wait a second and start the sentence again. Don't worry we'll do any necessary editing to the audio.

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Leave out the scripture reference because some are quite long so just say it like this;

 "417 ADORATION O sing unto the Lord a new song: sing unto the Lord, all the earth.....ect..." You may identify yourself If you want. 

Here is an example of audio received from the "Call Me" button RAW audio from a caller saying "cut" 3 times and audio static.

(example used with permission of the caller of course)


Notice big edit cuts at these times.

Buzz on entire audio

cut: 21  static: 38  cut1:04  static 1:37  cut 1:44  static 1:49  static 2:02  hangup 2:04


514) Fatherhood

Here is an example of edited audio with big edit cuts, music track laid in, amplified and bass increased.

514) Fatherhood


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